Recipe Notes (by Alexia Moyer)

Apples Under the Bed has already made a few appearances in this “cooking CanLit” project, but I have yet to describe the premise out of which this publication emerged. Its editor, Joan Coldwell, approached a number of writers and artists and asked them, “How or when did you learn to cook” (7)? And they responded with recipes for “Baked Indian Pudding” (Pat Martin Bates), “Clafoutis aux Fruits” (Jennifer Waelti-Walters) and reflections on the culinary applications of dandelions (Sheilagh Foster). There are many.
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Tomato Beef

Use nine to ten small tomatoes or a forty-eight ounce can, stewed
or whole. Stir-fry strips of beef with about a thumb of sliced ginger,
one or two cloves of crushed garlic, a chopped onion, and a ladle full
of soy sauce. Add tomatoes, one teaspoon sugar, a little salt, and simmer
to boil down a bit to stew-like consistency. Add some diced celery
about ten minutes before serving. Spoon over top of rice and pick
out pungent chunks of ginger and hide under bowl.

From Fred Wah’s Diamond Grill

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