Breakfast at Trauma Farm

Breakfast in this “Rebel History of Rural Life” must surely deliver a little more terror than flavour with one’s morning oats. Trauma Farm is Brian Brett’s memoir and natural history of his family’s small mixed farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. There aren’t so much recipes as descriptions of robust, farm-sourced meals. “Bitter salad” for lunch: shallots, Tosca or frisée, misuna and radicchio with raked salt, pepper and vinaigrette. Pig on a spit for dinner (for 150 people). But you have come here for the breakfast and this one is going to be served late. Only after a few hours of labour can one really enjoy the morning meal, advises Brett. Given the contents of his simple Western-style breakfast – homemade bacon, homemade whole wheat or rye bread (still warm) with butter and handmade jams (particularly marmalade), spiced Yukon Gold potatoes and tomatoes and soft boiled eggs – I too would advise you to milk some cows and release some chickens beforehand lest ye over stuff yourselves.

bacon, tomatoes, bread, eggs, potatoes

raw ingredients



simple Western-style breakfast

Toast and Jam



Brett, Brian. Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural Life. Vancouver: Greystone Books, 2009. Print.

Photos and Text by Alexia Moyer