Entrées through Ottawa

Ottawa Postcard with Postmark

Photo Credit: Shelley Boyd
Photo Edit: Robyn Clarke


What comes to mind when you think about Canada’s capital cities? Democratic principles? Bureaucracy? Innovation? How about signature recipes and meals?

The Canadian Literary Fare team is exploring whether stories of food that take place in our national, provincial and territorial capitals reveal diverse ideas, histories, and flavours. Are our “capital meals” unique to their locations? 

Ottawa’s literary fare brings to mind some memorable stories but not always appetizing meals…
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CPR Salad Dressing

iceberg lettuce

Recipe Notes (Alexia Moyer)

Iceberg lettuce. Do you feel as though it has been forgotten of late . . . left to languish in the shade of assertive arugula and masterful mâche? When next you see its pert ruffles and verdant complexion, take it home and offer it something red to wear: CPR Salad Dressing.
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Capital Meals: Sampling Canada

Introducing our new series of blog posts on Capital Meals. The first post in the series is called Entrées through Ottawaand is set to come out on January 26, 2015. Follow our RSS Feed, or add us on Twitter @canlitfare, Like Us on Facebook, or Google+ to keep up to date with the Capital Meals: Sampling Canada Project.

Photo Credit: Shelley Boyd


Written By: Robyn Clarke