quaglie all’uva (quail with grapes)

Recipe Notes (Alexia Moyer)

Welcome to Toronto. This week we’re cooking from Italian Canadians at Table: A Narrative Feast in Five Courses.

Editors Lorretta Gatto-White and Delia De Santis have gathered the food-related writings and recollections from Italian Canadians cross country. The result is a literary cookbook. You can cook from it, as it includes recipes and/or detailed descriptions of food preparation.

Pride of place belongs to narrative here. This book isn’t just about cooking, in other words. It’s about writing cooking.


Many of its contributors live and work and eat in Toronto, including Elizabeth Cinello.

“Food Companion Wanted” is both title and premise of Cinello’s short story. Widower, Alberto Di Rota places an ad in the local Italian Canadian paper. He’s looking for a live-in cook and he wants traditional Italian meals. Widow, Nina Crocetti, weary of her daughter and granddaughter’s no-carbohydrate and vegetarian, gluten-free diets, agrees to meet Alberto at a park on Caledonia road.
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Kale Apple Soup


Recipe Notes (by Alexia Moyer)

Those of you who know your kale will instantly spot the imposter. “Why, this is savoy cabbage,” you will exclaim, and quite rightly too.

I have yet to see kale in the six grocery stores plus market that make up my local foodscape. But there is plenty of savoy cabbage to be had this season.


It pairs well with bacon and a myriad of other pork products and the leaves make an excellent receptacle for stuffing: because they’re both sturdy and pretty.

Enfin, bref. It’s a workable substitute.
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Ottawa Postscript: Remembering “National” Meal-time Rituals

Ottawa always attracts attention. The city and its government business present opportunities for socializing, celebrating, and politicking over a meal.

Painted in Waterlogue

Here are two famous Canadian writers (outsiders to the city) reflecting on capital fare both real and imagined. Can you guess their identities? Tweet us @canlitfare. or post your answers below!
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Capital Meals: Sampling Canada

Introducing our new series of blog posts on Capital Meals. The first post in the series is called Entrées through Ottawaand is set to come out on January 26, 2015. Follow our RSS Feed, or add us on Twitter @canlitfare, Like Us on Facebook, or Google+ to keep up to date with the Capital Meals: Sampling Canada Project.

Photo Credit: Shelley Boyd


Written By: Robyn Clarke