Margery Fee: Selected Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications

Fee, Margery. The Fat Lady Dances : Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle. Toronto: ECW Press, 1993. Print.

—. Literary Land Claims: “The Indian Land Question” from Pontiac’s War to Attawapiskat. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2015. Print.

—. “The Potlatch Papers: A Colonial Case History / Hamatsa: The Enigma of Cannibalism on the Pacific Northwest Coast.” BC Studies 123 (1999): 87. Print.

—. “Racializing Narratives: Obesity, Diabetes and the ”Aboriginal” Thrifty Genotype.” Social Science & Medicine 62.12 (2006): 2988-97. Print.

—. “Stories of Traditional Aboriginal Food, Territory, and Health.” What’s to Eat? Entrées in Canadian Food History. Ed. Cooke, Nathalie. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2009. 55-78. Print.


“Stories of Aboriginal Meals, Territory and Health.”  University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia, 2006.

Racializing Narratives:  Obesity, Diabetes and the “Aboriginal” Thrifty Genotype.  English Department Colloquium. UBC, 2005.

“Racialization, Genetics and Type 2 Diabetes:  The Sandy Lake Cree.”  DNA in the Digital Age: Workshop on Diversity, Race and Genomics, Genome BC, Vancouver, May 2008.

“Stories of Traditional Aboriginal Meals, Territory and Health.”  “What’s for Dinner,” The Daily Meal through History.  McCord Museum/McGill University, 2005.

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women, Identity and Food.  English, UBC, 1999.

Organizer. Distinguished Scholar in Residence Workshop, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, “Connecting Academic Research to Aboriginal Wellness” 30-person workshop, 23-25 October 2009.

“Aboriginal Diabetes and the Scientific Fiction of an ‘Aboriginal’ Thrifty Genotype.” Musqueam 101, Musqueam Band Office, Vancouver, Jan. 2006