What Are Turning Point Meals?

Readers often refer to turning points in literary texts as those moments and plot developments that alter a character’s situation or fortune. When grappling with history, we also debate what constitutes a turning point, such as a major event or a larger societal transformation.

This fall season, the Canadian Literary Fare team will explore “turning point meals” — key scenes that mark, respond to, or prompt a notable change happening within the text and often outside of it. What kinds of food-related events will we discover? How do these turning points change over time?  Let’s begin with a more recent turning point.

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Summer Barbecue

Recipe Notes (by Alexia Moyer)

You are cordially invited to a cook-out at the Whitney residence in Rowanwood, Toronto (roughly 1950-late).


That this event is privately referred to by hosts Karen and Rick Whitney as “that bloody barbecue” should not deter you from enjoying a menu of steaks (the best that can be had), special rolls (only from the Patisserie Francaise), tossed salad with oil and vinegar dressing. And for dessert, “marvelous little rum cakes” (159).
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